Are you tired of buying low quality pre-workout supplements that don’t produce results? Do you want to increase your workout intensity and maximize your results in the gym? Looking for some powerful workout supplements with a difference?

Well, the solution is right here. Presenting ‘BlackWolf Power Blend’, a set of three formulas, that increases your performance during workouts. It is produced and sold by a company called Wolfson Berg Limited.

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How Does It Work?

The product is created with the idea that your body  requires different blends of workout formulas for different situation’s. The company also understood the difference between a male and a female body, and has created two different sets of gender-specific supplements for optimum results.

The three types of blends in each pack are designed to take care of your body before, during AND after workout sessions. The pack for males (Hunter package) contains supplements called Track, Hunt and Eliminate; and the pack for female (Huntress package) contains Trail, Hunt and Eliminate.

These formulas work together to increase stamina, focus and strength; and they prevent fatigue, reduce muscle breakdown, and help you train harder and longer for maximum gains.


BlackWolf has a set of natural ingredients for both the Hunter and Huntress packages. While consuming them, you can expect to find the following ingredients in the blend.


This amino acid can be found in Track, Trail, Hunt, and Eliminate. It manages your muscle, and is directly assimilated into your muscle instead of travelling through your liver. Its anabolic properties grow your muscles quicker than other ingredients.


This is another amino acid that is responsible for regulating blood sugar and producing hemoglobin. It also recovers your muscles after intense workout and aids in the metabolism process responsible for energy creation.


This ingredient prevents potassium loss from heart muscles and reduces blood pressure. It also sharpens your focus and prevents dehydration. It will also increase the consumptions of other ingredients in your muscles.


This is another BCAA amino acid that provides and preserves energy to muscles during workout. It also recovers your muscles and tissues after workouts, and increases endurance. It is also considered useful in muscle maintenance and growth.


This is another amino acid that works as a deactivator of free radicals. It is also an antioxidant, and helps to break fat in body. It is a highly used ingredient in pre-workout supplements because of its weight loss properties.


This ingredient makes your body appear more muscular by inflating the muscles. It also assists in enhancing performance and protein synthesis.


This coenzyme deactivates free radicals in the body, increases energy and works as a strong antioxidant.

Vitamins and Minerals

The blends contain all or some of the following vitamins: C, B1, B5, B6, B12, E, zinc, potassium citrate, sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium phosphate, and magnesium citrate.

Instruction for Use + Dosage

The dosage of both Hunter and Huntress package of BlackWolf can be found on their packages.

For best results, take all three supplements of the package as intended/suggested on the container. Skipping out on one or two might not give you’re the desired result. Also, use the five essential guides that come with every purchase for detailed information.


  1. They use natural blends in the supplements, so there are next to no side effects.
  2. They have different blends for men and women according to their needs.
  3. There are three different formulas specifically produced for pre-workout, post-workout and during workout, so that you know when to take them.
  4. Their website offers refunds if you find the products dissatisfactory.


  1. It is not widely available and can only be ordered through their website.
  2. Purchasing the complete package of three supplements can be costly for some users.

BlackWolf Workout – Australia Buyer Guide

You can purchase BlackWolf pre-workout supplements only from their website. The products are not sold in physical shops such as GNC or Walmart, or online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. If you find the product on these platforms, it is likely that you will be handed a cheap replica with no effect or one with fatal side effects.

Order Process

The order process is very simple. Visit their website and choose the package you want to purchase. Click ‘Add to cart’ and then ‘Proceed to checkout’. Fill in your payment options and billing details and your order will be placed!

Payment Options

You can use all major credit cards, such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard to place to place your orders. The website is certified by Amazon Web Services and used 256 bit, secure SSL, and your sensitive information is absolutely safe with them. You can also use PayPal to checkout.

Shipping Speed + Options

BlackWolf is shipped to over 100 countries from the US, and they do not impose any extra charge. You also won’t have to pay any taxes for purchasing this product. The company uses discreet packaging which does not compromise your privacy.

How To Get The Best Deal On Black Wolf – Discount Codes + Offers

You cannot experience optimum results from this product until you use all three supplements together, hence, it is wise to purchase the entire package. One package of three supplements comes for $106.95 AUD or $48.95 AUD – $57.95 AUD for each, which is much less than other available supplements in the market.

You get a free, 750 ml shaker free with every purchase, which makes mixing the supplements easier. You also get a set of five workout guides, which helps you to plan your diet and workout, assesses your condition and suggests supplements, and ensure proper maintenance of your body.

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